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Invitation & Call for papers

Institute of Environmental Health and Safety is inviting you to take part in an international scientific and practical conference "Earth fields" taking place in Tallinn, Estonia.

The conference continues the tradition started in 1989 by the University of Tartu (Estonia). The aim of the conference is to unite the efforts of those researching the interaction between human and nature.

The conference topics cover environmental health factors that the human is exposed to, both in natural and manmade environment. These include Earth's fields of various types, natural, technogenic electromagnetic fields and other.

We invite you to present your paper or just to participate in the conference!

Conference topics

Earth fields and radiation, Hartmann, Curry and other sources, Natural and technogenic fields, Electromagnetic fields, Mobile phone masts and other electromagnetic sources, Cosmic sources, Light and lighting, Geological factors, Geobiology, Bioelectricity, Health effects, Human cognition and Consciousness, Environmental sensitivity, Shielding and protection from fields, Measurement methods and instruments, Information fields, Non-locality, The intent and quantum coherence. Other relevant topics are also welcomed.

Articles and presentations

Conference will be held in English. If needed, the presentation can also be done in Russian. Translation into English will be provided. The presentation is also allowed to be made in other languages e.g. in French, given that the presenter brings the translator. Conference proceedings will include scientific articles presented at the conference. It is also possible to attend the conference, make a presentation and not to submit the article. Also, if you are unable to attend the conference, you can just send your article, and be included in the conference proceedings; those not attending the conference we ask also to send a poster file, which we'll print for the exhibition. Please follow the article structure instructions and the formatting rules as in CONFERENCE PROCEEDINGS ARTICLE TEMPLATE.


This year, the conference agenda puts more focus on practical field work and sharing knowledge. We have planned experimental tests and demonstrations of scientific investigations in the field. Attendees contribution is welcomed. Next to presentations, we will spend enough time outdoors, learning Earth's fields in their natural and even mystical settings. Guided tours to energetic places are planned.

24.08.18 FRIDAY

1400 IEHS Open Lab: discussing and demonstrating various technical means of measuring Earth's fields, including Hartmann, Curry, underground caverns, ground water, magnetic field anomalies, Earth's electric field, Schumann resonance, geomagnetic storms etc. Direct and indirect indicators of anomalies e.g. air ions, ionizing radiation, thermal radiation (Glehni house), 1500 Welcome gathering (Glehni house), 1600 Tour to natural magnetic field anomalies sites (departure from Glehni house), Practical field work seminar, 1800 Evening walk to Tallinn old town (departure from Glehni house at 1800).

25.08.18 SATURDAY

0930 Registration (Nõmme Cultural Center), 1000 Opening session, Introductory presentation, Keynote speaker, "Contemporary scientific knowledge of Earth's fields", 1030 Session 1 presentations, 1145 Break, 1200 Session 2 presentations, 1315 Lunch, 1400 Session 3 presentations, 1540 Break, 1600 Session 4 presentations, 1800 Evening Discussion (Glehni house), Participants can demonstrate their measurement instruments and methods.

26.08.18 SUNDAY

1000 Guided tour day to thematic sightseeing locations (Departure from Academic hostel), 1500~1600 Arriving back to Academic hostel, 1800 Evening gathering and discussion (Glehni house).
LOCATION 1 - Glehni house, Jaama 14, Tallinn; LOCATION 2 - Nõmme Cultural Center (Nõmme Kultuurikeskus) Turu plats 2, Tallinn; LOCATION 3 - Academic hostel, Akadeemia tee 11/1, Tallinn. The locations are within 5-10min walking distance from each other.
Conference schedule is subject to change.

Photos from previous conferences

2004 Tamosava, 2008 Druskininkai, 2009 Tallinn, 2012 Klogaranna, 2017 Birstonas, 2018 Tallinn

Photos from 2004, 2008, 2009 by Mykolas Kaminskas; from 2012 by Rimantas Petrosius; from 2017 by R.Petrosius, Ricardas Skorupskas, Valentinas Baltrunas.

Important dates

13.08.18 extended Deadline for submitting articles
Submissions should be made to conference organizer email (see below).

Participation fee

In order to register to the conference, please make a wire transfer as follows. Early payment with a lower participation fee.
220 EUR till 20.08.18
290 EUR in cash on site

Payment should be made to:

Address: Jaama 14 Tallinn Estonia
IBAN: EE241010220098108014
Pank/Bank: AS SEB Pank
Bank's address: Tornimäe 2, Tallinn, Estonia
Explanation: Participant name
Please also notify us by email, that you have made a bank transfer.
Participation fee covers the following: conference attendance, conference proceedings CD, coffe breaks and lunch (25.08), tours. Accommodation is not included in the conference price and should be booked by the attendees themselves. An economic accommodation close to the conference venue is 1) Academic hostel, room for 2 persons from 37EUR/night,


Conference scientific committee:
Anto Raukas (Estonia), Rimantas Petrosius (Lithuania), Reet Priiman (Estonia), Lembit Visnapuu (Estonia)
Conference secretariat:
Conference organizing committee chairman: Heldur Haldre
Tel.: +372 5878 9680
Address: Jaama 14, Tallinn 11615 ESTONIA
Institute of Environmental Health and Safety